About MIP

The name Medical Innovative Products speaks for itself. We look for ways to solve many of the problems the healthcare industry is facing. We believe reducing infections acquired while in the care of a medical facility can be accomplished through non-traditional methods. Our products have reduced surgical site infections and touch transmitted infections and hospital acquired infections in general. Our methods have been thru cleaner surgical tools, using biocidal materials that terminate pathogens on touch surfaces, and out right safe non toxic disinfection, versus just using toxic chemicals. Medical Innovative Products is committed to safer medical healthcare and innovation; this is why we are the company to contact to solve your problems. Not held to traditional methods our normal is to question everything.

We are researchers and have submitted SBIR research grants, filed and received class II FDA approvals on devices. In addition to the products we develop and sell, our consulting work will help you provide the best healthcare for your patients; from room function layouts, to consulting from a walk through assessment of current conditions, to designing a product solving your needs. Medical Innovative Products does not get to treat the patient but we do get to design and develop the products that allow you to do it better. Our staff will work with you to develop a solution to your problem even if the end product requires getting FDA approval. We have university affiliations that can lead to research study and grant work if necessary.

The products on this web site are a portion of what we can and have done. We take pride in being the backup support to the healthcare industry. Thank you for letting us, help you in saving lives and reducing pain and suffering for your patients.