Copper door handle w key set wood door 11 2012_x175Protect hospital visitors, patients and staff by replacing the most touched surface in the hospital or medical facility door handles. Your patients and visitors will know your facility is protecting them with the new warm colored handles.
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IMG_2365_x250A finely-built cabinet that uses a crash absorbable material, no more impact-caused cracked or broken cabinets. A solid color material makes scratches, dents and gouges less visible and repairable. The GermShield material is a mechanical-biocidal material to reduce touch surface pathogen transmission, reducing touch caused infections.

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DMC Scrub Sink 001_x250The Medical Innovative Products CorianĀ® Scrub Sink is ergonomically designed to make the sterile scrub process easy and consistent. As a totally hands free process, the only contact will be with the cleaning medium and the tempered water.

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A finely-built cabinet using a mechanical-biocidal material to reduce scope contamination while in storage. A superior design for the hanging bracket which is a broad-curve support not stressing the scope cables, and reducing flex damage. The rounded bracket edges reduce cuts in scopes. All costly repairs for the scopes.
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